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Ojitos multicolor para bebe

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        • Gold plated beads 
        • Adjustable Bracelet
        • Toddlers size (0 year - 3 year)
        • Evil Eye: negativity protection
        • Red string: worn to attract good luck and fortune
        • Red evil eye: symbol of courage, protection, and strength
        • Blue evil eye: good luck and good karma
        • Clear evil eye: Purity and focus, Clear clutter and obstacles, To start fresh
        • Yellow evil eye: Protect your health, Relief from exhaustion, Sharper mind and concentration
        • Orange evil eye: Happiness and protection,Motivation for commitment,Increase creativity and playfulness
        • Black evil eye: bring power and protection to the wearer
        • Green evil eye: Success with your dreams, Enjoyment and contentment, Good health
        • Light blue evil eye: Broadening your perspective,Solitude and peace
        • Purple evil eye: Boost your imagination,Re-balance your life,To remove obstacles
        • Pink evil eye: Protect your friendships, Calming feeling,Content and relaxation